How To Cure Bacterial Vaginosis

By admin | December 10, 2011

The question on the minds of every woman with bacterial vaginosis is ‘how to cure bacterial vaginosis’? Hopefully this article will provide some useful information on this issue as well as relief from the discomfort caused by BV. Before rushing to find a way of curing bacterial vaginosis, it is a good idea to determine whether or not you do in fact have bacterial vaginosis. So, what are the symptoms of BV? Bacterial vaginosis usually does not present any symptoms in most women who have the condition. When symptoms are present however, they include increased or excessive discharge from the vagina. The discharge is usually grayish-white with a foul fishy odor and is most noticeable after sex.

In the event that you notice these symptoms or have any other reason to suspect you have bacterial vaginosis, the first step in dealing with BV is to visit a physician to determine whether these symptoms are in fact due to BV and also if there are any other conditions present which may require additional treatment. If the doctor confirms that you do in fact have BV then you can discuss with your doctor ways how to cure bacterial vaginosis and he or she will advise you as to the best treatment method for you.

Generally speaking though, the most common and effective way how to cure bacterial vaginosis is with the use of antibacterial treatment. This is because bacterial vaginosis, as the name suggests is an inflammation of the vagina caused by an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina. Doctors will typically prescribe antibacterial medication which is designed to eradicate the bad or excessive bacteria in the vagina and thereby return the vagina to a healthy equilibrium. Traditionally, some women will also use home remedies which are believed to contain natural antibacterial solutions to treat the effects of bacterial vaginosis. Many people are of the view that some of these natural remedies are more effective ways to treat BV and its’. This is because they notice a reduction in the likelihood of BV recurring after being treated by a natural remedy.  It is however very important to consult your doctor before embarking on any type of self medication.

Because bacterial vaginosis may be caused by an adverse change in the pH level of the vagina bring the vagina’s pH to its optimal level is an important aspect of how to cure bacterial vaginosis. The vagina’s pH level is affected by what we eat and drink so women who have bacterial vaginosis should pay special attention to what they consume on a daily basis. It is important to stay away from things like sweets and alcohol while increasing your intake of water, garlic and yogurt etc. It is also a good idea to stay away from perfumed soaps, bubble bath and lotion as these may aggravate the situation. In some cases bacterial vaginosis will require no action at all as it will simply go away after a period of time. It will typically run its course in a few days.

Using a multifaceted approach is often believed to be the best way on how to cure bacterial vaginosis-in other words, treating the symptoms as well as strengthening the immune system to prevent future outbreaks. Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis can be a very effective way to achieve this.

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